We educate future generations by play, joy and a smile on our faces.


Practical information with daily usability.


Workshops for your children - wisely spent time learning and playing.


Trained lectors with modern teaching techniques.

Education by play

George Science offers an exclusive combination of chemistry and entertainment education through workshops and events.

Children will learn about science, chemistry, informatics, engineering, mathematics in a playful and entertaining way.

George Science aims to improve access to quality education for all children from an early age and to ensure interest in science.

The project was also developed to enhance children’s natural curiosity and stimulate their passion for lifelong learning.

Selected Workshops and Products


SCIENCE WORKSHOPS are suitable for EVENTS (Family day, Christmas party, Halloween, St. Nicholas etc.), SHOPPING CENTERS, HOTELS (special animation program).

We organize SCIENCE WORKSHOPS, SCIENCE BIRTHDAY PARTY and many other interesting events tailored to your needs.

Eduaction by play, chemistry with joy

“George Science is a company that combines chemistry education with fun and joy.

We are a flexible and dynamic company that creates tailor-made events.

Our team consists of trained instructors who take care of children professionally.

We guarantee that the children will be excited after the event and will take home unforgettable experiences. ”

Ing. Jana Gočárová, MBA
CEO of George Science 


Phone: + 421 908 646 750